My love for Clojure is so deep that I have invested the whole company. Over the past months just everyone came up to me and asked me, if I may teach them some Clojure programming. With everyone I mean literally everyone working in this company - fellow programmers, the ladies from HR, the Sales Team and even the CEO.

So today I gave a two hour introduction to the whole team on how to Clojure (in absolute basic terms).

The team has just voted that we will do that every friday starting next week for the rest of the year.

If you have passion, show it.

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    Your HR and salespeople want to learn Clojure? This has to be Silicon Valley, right?

    But, sounds fun. Will be interesting to know if HR start developing stuff themselves. Keep us posted.
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    Never quit that job because there is nothing better
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    @platypus nope, it's actually Germany (Dresden), but a very young and curious team.
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    @beegC0de I have no intention to ever leave ;)
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    And of course I meant "infested" ;)
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    @felbit "Invested" works too.
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    I like the lisp syntax - it’s the fact that it runs on the jvm that I don’t like
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    Why are you so amazed of clojure? I have never used it, but I'm looking forward into learning a functional language. What are the benefits of that language compared to other functional ones?
    Would like to hear your opinion :)
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    Clojure as a language is very well designed and brings some values at the table. Almost all good parts (map, reduce, immutability, concurrency, macros - to name a few) are not special to Clojure but more so to functional programming languages.

    What makes it a power tool is its underlying JVM and the interoperability with it. So you get the best of two worlds: a Lisp which is as functional as you can go and a rich ecosystem with a VM that is most likely the best engineered piece of software out there.

    And I haven't even touched Clojurescript or Specs or explorational coding with the REPL, yet.

    All that makes me productive as hell. I deliver faster, the codebase is smaller and - relative to the complexity of the application - easy to reason about.

    I recommend searching for any talk given by Rich Hickey on YouTube. He designed and to this day forms the language and has some very good ideas about how to do things in a productive way. Some consider Rich a feature of Clojure itself.
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