If you write a tutorial or a book with code samples please take the time to ensure that (a) you cover everything that is needed to get your samples to work properly and (b) that your samples actually to work.

It is frustrating the bloody hell out of me typing your code character by character into my machine just to have my compiler screaming at me.

On that note: just wasted a week on rewriting a whole bloody library that was "broken" just to discover that the library works just fine but the freaking tutorial on the very page was faulty.

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    Also update ur fkin books regularly or at least provide updated parts on d website. If i see a book more than 3y/o the first thing i have to check is whether the code will actually work in newer versions of d lib/framework and look out for deprecations
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    Can you tell us which tutorial is wrong? That might help people in the future.
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    Tell about the faulty tutorial. That way people don’t have to make the same mistake you already made 😄
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    An important lesson: never assume another dev did it right. Always test each part
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    Please understand that I cannot and will not blame/shame the author in public. He did an important contribution to open source after all. But I did send him my solution and the tutorial is fixed by now.
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