But wait!! It's great idea!!

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    how about a new app to save ideas for new app?
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    @Alice please refresh 😅
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    @Bitwise 😅 the credits are in the comics tho
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    @Alice When did you cross 100 000? :o
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    It will be

    like Uber for ice cream delivery

    like Airbnb for cats

    like Twitter with only emojis

    like Facebook for toddlers

    like Instagram with testicles

    like Twitch for sausage eating contests

    I have an idea for an app

    It's an AI which automatically pitches an app for <succesfull platform> with <arbitrary constraint> to investors.
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    @bittersweet “Instagram with testicles”

    Just wonderful hahaha
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    @leanrob that would probably be the most successful of that list haha
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    @lucaspar It seems like Instagram with nipples is a heavy subject.

    I remember women photoshopping male nipples on top of their own (obviously) female nipples because of the ban on female nipples.

    Honestly, I’m on their side on that one. You do you I my belief, show whatever you want.

    I digress
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    @leanrob I think most men are on their side
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    @Alice Yeah, it is strange for sure.

    I use Instagram but not Facebook often. I follow a few models and female cannabis activists who are constantly pushing the boundaries.

    Personally, I like people who fight the power.
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    But... But... Exposure?
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    @DawidCyron I took the exposure from many people but then some people just weren't excepting payments of their bills in exposure.

    Idk why people consider exposure any less than money
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