Flashed an arch iso to my new raspberry pi 3, followed instructions for how to install yaourt from a decent site with good instructions...

...aaaaaand pacman is broken.

Reflashing the sd card now 😬

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    I'd recommend against alarm. It's been a while since I last tested it on my Pi3 boards, but back then it had continuous timeouts when doing pacman upgrades, as if the server itself was also hosted on a Raspberry Pi :')
    Personally I'd go with Raspbian Lite any day :)
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    You don't want to use yaourt on an Arch based distro because it's not considered secure. I use yay and pakku as a replacement.

    Well, once you get pacman fixed that is. ;)
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    Dude only trust the arch wiki, man pages and bbs.archlinux.org
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    @JavaPorn No need to use yaourt (or any AUR handler) to install an AUR handler. git clone it from AUR to /tmp, solve its dependencies and then makepkg -si inside its build directory. makepkg requires base and base-devel package groups to be installed. As for the AUR handler that I'd recommend, here I'm using pacaur, since cower is rock solid and pacaur blends in seamlessly with pacman :)
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    @JavaPorn You can install it from the git repo, but it would be nice is they included in the main repositories.

    Gosh darn it @Condor you're like 3 steps ahead of me. :P
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    @linuxxx Yaourt support has stopped, try aurman. For arm yaourt i could not get do you know any mirrors then tell
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    @RantSomeWhere Haven't tried it, but since I'm just installing Arch in QEMU right now (to replace that VirtualShit VM with its crappy compositing performance), I'll give it a go :)
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    Hey, nice new glasses.

    What do you use for flashing?
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    @Condor I'm running alarm for about a year now and it's working like a charm.
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    @starrynights89 I'm using aurman on my Mac mini with an alias to Pacman
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