While I struggle in vertically aligning to centre,

Someone made a moving bicycle using only css:


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    You'll probably need to view it on your desktop/laptop and in chrome.
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    @Stuxnet wait.. is this made using only css?
    I feel inferior :'(
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    @omigator It is indeed.

    So you're not alone lmao. There's just some insanely talented individuals.

    And then there's me.
    "Shit how do I make a navbar responsive again?" 😂😂🙄🙃
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    @Stuxnet I still don't know how to centre an element vertically
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    @omigator haven't tried so couldn't tell ya.

    Heard something about a flex something. Genuinely forgot the other word though lmao
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    @desirous let me give it a try 😂😂
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    @omigator, I understand you so much! 😢😢
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    I legit wrote the entire spec regarding how to use css to build practically all content that we would ever need at work....which is why I hate css so much.

    There are hidden tricks here and there....and shit that makes no fucking sense whatsoever to me. But I will be damned if I am not able to build whatever the fuck I want with that shitshow.

    My best advise, learn everything you can about how viewports are calculated and how the browser interprets them. Get an auto prefixer on your editor because fuck 2018 IE is still a thing. Every fucking possible animation is doable with just js and jquery and fuck it it also works on ie.

    Always bloody(went british) use a normalizer.css and please and for the love of heavens learn to nest the fuck outta shit(html tags) in order to set yo paddings and margins <-----these are super fucking important.

    And finally: flexbox loves you.
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    FOSS Browser, Android.
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    The difference between SVG, Lotti, and CSS art. Browser just gives up on you when you zoom the CSS in.
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    Joke repost and wrong tag.

    I have no respect for vertically aligned impaired fuckers!!!!
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    But ill take off my minus vote coz that bicycle is cool.
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    @AleCx04 I'll remember this throughout my life. Thanks! :)
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    @Floydian LoL :D
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    @Santaclauze well I'm not sure what are you talking about. But I'm sure that a lot of developers are following codepen on Instagram, so maybe one of them shared the link before me. It happens
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    @omigator no im referring to the number of people crying about vertical alignment when the issue has been easily resolved and widely shared:

    - flexbox.

    I have nothing against the bicycle. :)
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    @Santaclauze oh I'm sorry, my bad. I agree :D
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    @omigator anytime bro. I actually plan on making a tutorial and writting it on medium really soon. Just some simple stuff that should be able to point people more used to the backend in the right direction.
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