This rant has been one that I've been wanting to rant about for a while now. Me being drunk as fuck right now (mind, stay awake!) doesn't really help, but meh.
At least Wanblows was able to install its "features" properly... Except it wasn't, being the featureful ShitOS it is.

I want to rant about privacy. Not about "nothing to hide, nothing to fear". That's been ranted about plenty by the MIcroshaft-loving folks as well as the privacy-aware opposition. Rather, I'd like to rant about the privacy-concious.

I am a privacy-concious-person, with his current status quo being that he doesn't yet know a privacy-concious solution to every data-intrusive "common solution" out there. So I tend to value privacy next to De Lijn while sharing location data to Google with Google Maps. Point is, I do not know privacy-concious solutions to everything out there yet. So I use the convenient over the privacy-aware.
(after review while drunk I was unable to make sense of this)

In the privacy-aware circles I tend to see that it seems to be black and white. You share your data with Google, yet you oppose data collection by local institutes? WRONG!!! YOU MUST BE A TINFOIL HAT!!!
No, seriously I don't want to share my data with Google. Just that they're the only realtime navigation platform with decent UI out there that I know of right now.

Privacy isn't all black and white here. I block any intrusion that I'm able to, anything else I abide to, while awaiting a good alternative that does respect my privacy which I would gladly use instead. That does not imply that "I have nothing to hide". I do, and I have a lot to hide.

So that makes up the black and white nature of privacy, which is a fallacy. Another one is the whole idea of "I have nothing to hide" to begin with.

If you have nothing to hide, would you be comfortable with sharing your location data (IP address, habits, common trends, etc) with me? To share your information with me, to have your contacts share your info with me, without your consent? Of course you wouldn't. But that's what's happening right now.

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    Good drunk-grammar. ++!

    Oh, right, the rant! I guess I'm way to comfortable with the Google connectivity to be able to dump Google. A bit like Apple fanboy :/
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    There is a conveniency vs privacy trade-off---and most people prefer the former.

    Also, privacy isn't completely within my control. If others share my contact data, get hacked and leak private conversations/pics/etc or post pics with me in them to social media, then I'm compromised.

    I tend to be more on the privacy end of the spectrum than the average person---no Facebook or WhatsApp for instance. But, I use unencrypted email, search Google, buy from Amazon, use credit card for everything.

    Yet still I get called paranoid. That shows me how far privacy has been eroded in the public sphere.

    A data breach hardly registers now. How can Ashley Madison still be in business with a data breach that destroyed lives, for instance? No one cares. "Having an affair? You deserve to be outed." W. T. F.
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