Installers that copy files into a default directory without letting me change the installation path.. fuck whoever does that!

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    Even worse when you can't change the directory manually afterwards, because it's hard coded
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    I don't trust quality control enough to ever change the default installation path.

    Clearly a pessimist.
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    Looking a u ms office
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    Just faced this with a git client called Fork, and for some reason on 2 different machines it installed in 2 completely different locations. Think some code editor does this too, was it Atom? Fuck that shit.
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    Are you my soulmate @githappens?
    I recently re-installed Fusion360 on my SSD, its 60GB in Size amd I use it Only fory OS. And fucking Fusion360 needs ~5GB of Space on my C:/ Drive.. Fuck me.
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    Even better when they install themselves in the %appdata% folder without saying anything like some fucking retards. Looking at you, GitKraken
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