So for anyone interested in or following my drama regarding my breakup first ranted about at


I figured I would provide an update. Things have been going surprisingly well. Yesterday after some initial avoidance and silence and anger we just kind of went back sort of to normal, just being friends instead of lovers. She went and picked up two cats from the shelter and we talked about logistics of how this whole broken up thing is going to work, then watched some tv and ate dinner and stuff. So not too bad.

Today is still not too bad, but as you would expect emotions are still a thing. We talked a bit in the morning but basically just about necessities. She then took her laptop into the bedroom to be alone. So basically just sad emotions all around today, which sucks but it could suck a lot worse. On the bright side, it is looking like we can keep the friendship intact after all our emotions settle down.

Thanks for all the comments and ++s on my previous post. It really helps to vent a bit and have other people care how you are doing.

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    7.5 years is a lot of history to mourn. I have given myself a sadder sad. Oops.
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    How's it going now?
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    @PrivateGER It's going okay? I guess? She is moving out at the end of the month so that is when the actual loneliness and such will hit. We have been getting along fine pretty much just being friends so it has been very drama free. I guess I'm a sensitive soul though since I will miss her very much. She is still my best friend and one of the few friends I have. I am a bit scared to start doing this whole building a whole new life thing alone. I haven't been alone in a while lol.
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