I invested in a brand new 27" curved monitor to work more efficiently with my laptop but now
HDMI isn't recognized by my linux distro on dual boot where it works perfectly with fucking windows and it used to work nice before the latest update
Tried to install official nvidia drivers to try to fix that
🙃 Guess who has a fucked up X configuration now 🙋🏾‍♂️

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    Uninstalling the NVIDIA drivers and removing the /etc/X11/xorg.conf they generated always worked for me.
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    @Meta I'll try this, thanks !
    I wrote a post on my distro's forum in order to get help with that
    I don't want to bother anyone here for tech support btw haha i'm just whining about my lack of technical skills
    But any help is appreciated !
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    @lil-segfault I have the feeling that it's a dev's instinct to find a solution once they come across a problem (they think they should be able to solve).

    The other day a sysadmin friend of mine told me about a little tool he had to do and while he was still talking about it I already fired up 3 tabs regarding doing exactly what he wanted.
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