Project manager: how was the day?
Me: wrote a few lines of code
Me: ran the code
Me: full of errors
Me: I cried

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    How is that acceptable?
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    @nate what is??
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    @cha-m-ra Perhaps it's just the brevity of the post, but assuming it's a full working day and you write only a few lines of code, get some errors and give up.... I know this sounds rude, but I wouldn't want to be on your team.

    If you're very very junior - fine.

    If the errors need someone else's input, and you asked them - fine.
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    @nate it's just a joke! Chill! 不不不不不不
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    @cha-m-ra As in, it's not about you and it's completely fabricated? OK so funny.
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    @nate You okay man? Shall I call a psychologist?
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    @nate best comments ever.

    I have had a shit few months and felt depressed working at home. I ended up in a very similar scenario as above.

    And you kicked my ass bro. You made me feel like the shitiest dev. And i will probably not become the best dev ever but i surely dont want to be a shitty ass dev.

    You’ve become my Oprah!
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