(As a CS student in University)
Teacher 1: I am a new teacher and have an electrical subject and I know you guys hate this and love coding so we will code whatever we study in python so you can actually understand what we are studying

Teacher 2: I am a senior teacher and have an super important computer science subject , I will fuck everything up come to lectures read a ppt that I didn't even make and read the ppt in the most monotonous manner humanly possible and fuck everything up and steal your work if your research with me

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    well sometimes one is lucky with teachers sometimes not.

    The monotonous readers are definitely a problem.

    Not sure about research stealing. Haven't heard anything about it happening at my uni. Maybe we are just lucky or nobody talks about it.
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    My HOD is tchr 2
    No kidding
    And honestly I've seen one one tchr1 all this time
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    Had a teacher / chairperson who used to teach code that has been deprecated for a minimum of 6 years. When it didnt work on modern browsers He’d say “google chrome is no good internet explorer will run it” (java applets and ancient shit like that). Used to get free ppts online and use them instead of the book. When asked he pushes off the question until you stop asking. Doesnt give a shit if you know the material or not because he doesn’t. But so that students dont get him fired he gives everyone 80s-90s /100. As a result most students finish the course thinking they are big shots because of the grades they got. Im glad i used to love coding enough to teach myself the real shit on the side but wtf man these people paid money to learn.
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    In my case, both teachers were of type 2
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    @achintyakumar very similar situation only in my university 3 teachers taught the entire curriculum 1 of them was good he taught OS, computer architecture and programming 1 which are the base of CS in my opinion. Every other course was absolute shit
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    @achintyakumar wish we could quit all the jobs and shit buy a ton of books and watch youtube and learn real CS on our own full time one a pace much faster than unis and hundred times more interesting
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    We all know of how terrible a burden it is for https://toptenwritingservices.com/t... to be making these things into something that no one could understand or respect for that matter.
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