How to make the box beside the photo (I'm using HTML )

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    Dont remeber the exact syntax but if you are using a div as a container then there is probably some css property... Something close to border .. google how to add borders to div tag ... Its been quite some time since I did some html programming(pun intended)
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    Don't use%20whitespace%20in your directories.
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    He’s high programmer, that’s why he’s asking for HTML help when he really needs CSS.
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    I aswell use 000webhost
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    @FahadAlt 😂😂😂 good one
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    we have no source, just a picture
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    @JoshBent we are mindreaders 🤡 we can see the full html structures without looking at the code
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    Ask dis on stackoverflow i dare ya
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    top: -100%

    Trust me, I'm not an engineerer
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    At this point i would rebuild everything

    Start making a template in photoshop better
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