Is devRant Just for rants?

I see such a Great community here that goes way beyond complaining about PMs and users (even though you're all right, usually). I've read comments about support for depression, Anxiety, people being supportive of woman and downvoting/commenting against the common sexism that we see on the internet every single day. We have fun, we all feel like friends even though we can remember only a few names and stumble uppon them once in a while. We mostly understand each other and it all feels like a huge family. It's a Great thing to help throughout all of the struggles I have daily in Life, and I bet many people here feel the same.

Thank you all so much for making devRant this Great community. Papa bless.

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    You perfectly captured the essence of devRant and our special community. Beautifully stated.
    You are so right - we have fun, share knowledge and help each other. Great place to be.
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    @Jumpshot44 I was high on my feeling and forgot about the knowledge haha Well said!
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    PM's....man...the worst
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    I wish it were tho, I come here when I need to laugh. Not to see people looking for attention. It makes devRant another reddit/9gag and thus makes it less relevant for what it is.
    I feel sorry for those looking for support, but Im. Sure there are hundreds of communities on social networks which don't have the name 'rant' in them.
    It's like going to /r/ProgrammerHumor to see people complaining they lost their job. Sad, but irrelevant.
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    you missed JavaScript
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    @mclovinit Many old chats used to be Great indeed. IRC, maybe? The best part is meeting so many nice people with common interests, imo.
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    I would love for a meet up someday. Imagine all of us wearing badges with our devRant usernames on em'
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    @uziiuzair That is an amazing Idea. Too bad we have many people from everywhere in the world, but I'm sure we could find people in our cities. It would be awesome :)
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    @henseiderv it certainly will be a great idea. And like any other big company, we can have it at multiple places :)
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    @hiestaa i strongly agree with you and even started downvoting meme's and stuff not relevant to the topic of ranting. So far i only used "not for me" as reason but maybe i should switch it to spam as that is what it is in my eyes. I make exceptions for rants with a wk tag as they arent always supposed to be rants.

    In return to my decision on downvoting i dont expect anyone to comment on my rants or give advice. I just use this place to relief my anger and frustration for certain things...

    But all that are just my 2 cents and i dont expect anyone to agree with me. Especially on a page called devRant
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    @raven thanks! But seeing the number of up votes it seems people are in a need for yet another social network, rather than what you described. Too bad devRant, the idea was nice, the community didn't get it :(
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