I understand that front end frameworks are important when scaling an app/project but it’s not a necessity for small student projects.
Can someone make me understand how a student can make use of the frontend frameworks not just for the sake of learning it but the framework actually being a necessity

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    Moment js to assist with times is an example.

    Maybe time is not a critical aspect of your project, but hell you want to display the time and dont wanna mess around with js dates so save the (dev) time and use the framework (dont reinvent the wheel)
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    Shucks I misread, but the same principle applies.

    If your making a calculator, a frontend framework abstracts the ux stuff in the case where the calculator implementation is what's under review.
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    When you quickly want to hack something into your project that is basically available on Github and requires only a few tweaks - but it relies on a framework.
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    As a student, I would say that the only benefit of using front end frameworks is the fact that you are somewhat preparing yourself for a job. But you should always learn underlying language first, then start playing with frameworks.
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