Applies for Android Internship

Supervisor: Work with this Image Processing Library to "RECOGNIZE" objects from the phones camera.

Me: Wuuuuuh....?

Supervisor: Also it should be in real time and can't use internet.

Me: But that's impossible....

Supervisor: Align your goals with the company's goal. Nothing is impossible......(gets all motivational)

Me: 😩🔫

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    The bit about doing it being able to do it without internet isn't impossible, and I'm not sure what they mean by doing it in real time
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    Welcome to devRant. Wow. This is an internship? Maybe you can do it? Would look amazing on your resume - even if you got close to doing it 😀
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    I don't see what's that much difficult about it? You could use openCV. I don't why you would need Internet for that.

    I am intern as well and I am working on a project which has 50k+ lines of code in it. Feel proud that they think you are capable of this. I don't see anything impossible in here.
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    I think this is highly relevant to your task... http://imgs.xkcd.com/comics/...
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    It is easy to recognize specific, well defined, done before, examples. It's easy to do easy stuff until you need to dig deep inside Naive Bayes classifier or Support vector machine and decision tree learning. Then you will know why companies spent millions with a team of researchers in years time building a solution.

    Sounds like your manager is one of those people who think movie hackers are real programmers and Sirri can be replicated in 30 days and Pokemon Go in a week.
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    @azzuwan In all fairness, Pokemon Go is simple garbage game. The underlying platform is sweet, but Jesus, that game is painfully bad. They took a set of game mechanics that worked extremely profitably for twenty-five years and scrapped it for candied garbage.
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    @hidden it is actually impossible
    1. He is doing this in internship.

    2. Where the hell he will read documentations from, if he can't use Internet. 🤔
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    @hidden The application is supposed to process the frame in real time and identify the objects in the frame without internet. IDENTIFY not detect. Basically the Supervisor had no idea about OpenCV.
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    @Jumpshot44 Thanks. Well in the end I ended up using OpenCV to detect the company's boards and OCR their content with Google Tesseract. Image Processing part was bad though.
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    @spl0 Yup you could use it to detect objects or recognize a set of objects you provide it with. The supervisor wanted me to identify random objects in real time without internet.
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    @tahnik How would you recognize random objects in real time without internet that too on a mobile phone?
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    @samk Bang on! 😂
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    @puneet The apps not supposed to use internet. I had access.
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    Prisma's new version now does neural processing offline (or at least how they announced it).
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