Don't let your team working be like this:

Frontend: Hey, is the API ready?
Backend: Sure, will give you later

Frontend: @backend, is the API ready?
Backend: yeah, yeah, will give you later, yesturday is busy.

Frontend: @backend, is it ready?
Backend: Been working on some prd bugs, will give you later

Frontend: @backend...
Backend: ...

Frontend: @backend...
Backend: Oh, I just find out that you should ask @backend_b for this API...

(I was actually trying to get my avatar, but this story is real)

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    So is it the frontend or backend fault?
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    @devTea I feel like when stuff like this happens, the whole dev team gets the shit, so at the end of the day, it kinda doesn't matter, lol
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    @devTea I think it's mostly that the whole team lacks a well-established rule to get things done, instead of any parts problem, though personal issue may exists.
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    @devOc oh I thought you was blaming someone, my bad
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    @devTea Still, I suppose this should be a prevailing problem between most of the teams who only hire people to get job done instead of having a vision of building something. personal opinion tho.
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    Why not agree the API contract up front and produce a swagger doc for it? Then frontend can mock it out to their hearts content while backend build it. As long as everyone sticks to the pre agreed API.
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    @taRunTime is the API ready?
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    @EloquentPrick yeah yeah sure.. soon I'll share the war.. 😬😬
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    Plot twist: It's actually a FullStack developer's monolog.
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    Mocking back end APIs are the first thing front end team should figure out, let the back end team sweat out to implement it. Just loving GraphQL for it.
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    @devTea both, they are mutually !important
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    @devTea Why are you always to reply to 80% of the rants I read 🤔
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    @DefiniteGoose I... I don’t know?
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    Typo, the first* to reply. Still cool though
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    Good Thing when you write both like me 😄
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    @frontend API is ready 😎
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