Firefox: click on the address bar and now you can select something or start typing or move the cursor left/right, works great.

Chromium (because fuck chrome):click in the address bar and THE ENTIRE URL GETS/BECOMES SELECTED. Wanna type something? Sure, go ahead, but FIRST click somewhere else or move the cursor because otherwise the entire url is fucking gone.

Maybe there's a way to disable this behavior but boy does it annoy the living fuck out of me!

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    Firefox acts the same as Chrome on my computer...
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    @hypervtechnics O_o I've used both on many devices and operating systems but it's always been this way for me, that's weird to hear haha
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    Firefox does selection on Windows, no clue about macOS but I doubt it's different from Linux
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    On windows Firefox selects, on Linux it doesn't. And chromium slechts everywhere.
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    Solution: Home/End
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    coming from chrome and edge, firefox quite irritated me because click and enter a new url is mostly what i want to do
    going to firefox: click and type the new address, enter .... realize i just added text to the url and it's going nowhere😑
    as it was already mentioned, is there a way to change that?
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    @cb219 about:settings and just search address bar or sth
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    When I click the Firefox address bar on Linux nothing gets selected.
    @cb219 When I want to enter a new URL I usually just press Ctrl+L and don't bother with the mouse. That also selects everything.
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    @Proximyst Actually it behaves the same as Windows on macOS, aka with selection... And actually I agree with @cb219, but it's probably just a matter of habit
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    @Lythenas F6 does the same thing (focuses the address bar), probably also preselecting it, I'm not sure of that.
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    @wannabee jup also selects. And if you press it again it even gives focus back to the website. So it's more like a toggle. Ctrl+L doesn't do that.
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    @linuxxx about:config 》browser.urlbar.clickSelectsAll
    idk for chrome
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    Go to chrome://flags in your browser. The setting is somewhere in there.
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    Well it doesn't bother me at all ^^
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    Like people had said already I usually click on the adress bar (or use F6) it's to enter a new URL of search query.
    If you prefer not to do that that's fine though.
    What bothers me is that Firefox is inconsistent across different OSes.
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