Fuck edge and fuck ie

Its particularly funny when something works on IE...but not on edge. Go fucking figure.

Bing is ok ms...y'all should focus on that. Ie was semiok back in the day but your browser game is weak af b.

Like seriously

"Edge and ie are awesome"

Said no web developer ever

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    IE is backwards compatible
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    @karma ie is just backwards
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    @Orni compatible, you can make normal shit work there too...

    Edge tho, fuk dat shittey
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    An ex coworker of mine used to say that IE is way better than Chrome and stuff, he developed using IE and was always pissed off seeing me using Chrome (he was my senior), though we were doing angular 4... Only now I realize how absurd were certain things he told me, the first time at my new workplace I was unsure to use chrome or not to open my first project ._. WTF
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    They are literally the same thing. They use the rendering engine.
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    Well, IE and edge is not comparable. Its two. Different things...

    They build edge from scratch, si it's not the upgraded of IE
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    Reminds me of the time when i first signed up to VATSIM. Had to use IE to get some PHP to work, lole
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    They don't. IE uses trident, edge uses edgehtml.

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