I don't care for Slack. There's nothing wrong with Slack. I just don't find a need for it when I already had email + IM. You know what I hate, though. People who show up one day and force Slack down the throat of an organization because "collaboration". Now, every day I hear "I didn't see that. Oh, you put in on Slack? Which channel?", "I put in on Slack", "I don't ever check my email, I just have Slack open", "Instead of filling up your inbox, I'm going to post this on 15 different slack channels" (which is why I have all the channels muted). All from people who can't type 10 words in a row without an emoji.

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    I find slack nicer to use then MS teams, crashes a lot less too 😏

    But in saying that I still use slack for server deployment notifications... people tend to do random shit when you’re not around☹️

    ... ok point made, I’ll stop with the emojis now 😎

    As for he email vs slack, I prefer email myself, it fills in my 2 hour commute home dealing with the days emails and sitting here writing replies!
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    In my case, slack was supportive.
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    The Slack at my internship is only used for posting gifs. But that's the result when your company only has 6 other employees: You just tap the person on the shoulder
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    I'm the opposite: I loathe email and much prefer chat clients like Slack.
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