Either a really big coincidence, or I'm officially creeped out.

I've been looking into buying a vps, so researching that a lot. Then today, I went to work, at a monitoring station, so we have to use remote desktops to access anything other than very specific sites.

Then I looked at an article about c#, and there was a Google ad, about a vps.. Keep in my mind, I'm at work, on a remote desktop, that gets cleared every time it's closed.

I know a vps isn't the most unpopular thing, but haven't seen an ad for it before.

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    They track you everywhere *inserts tin hat guy*
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    You work in tech. You are literally the demographic that will buy a VPS. There are also a bijillion VPS ads out there.

    Ad algorithms are smart. That's why I use uBlock Origin. Why are you not running an ad blocker?
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    @djsumdog He might not have the authorisation to install what he wants.
    To add on the main topic, you probable had these kind of ads before, but since you're interested in it, you just realised it now.
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    Plot twist: you’ve seen ads for VPS all the time, but only unconsciously and THAT’S why you now think you need and want to buy a VPS. Got played by the ads ;)
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