So i quit my job today, after signing my contract termination things i asked them if i could check for some personal stuff in my work laptop. and on getting there i quickly went to terminal and did a "rm -rf /"

first time i ever did that willingly, had just been reading stories. i have to say it felt awesome to tell them its now dead, that they cant check what was on it. best feeling in a long time

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    I don't want to rain on your parade, but they can still recover the data. What rm deletes is the file entry from the index, not the data itself.

    This one is a bit better IMHO:

    find "$HOME" -type f -exec shred '{}' +

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    @ethernetzero you had to ruin his day right? 😂
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    I like hiding in dark.

    I would probably schedule cronjob or put some backdoor script to call.

    But yes! it feels nice.
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    aaaaaaaaaand your files are back in less than 2 minutes
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    @MrJimmy reinstalling is easy though?
    And it was probably intended to cover his butt in the event they found something questionable and wanted to do some legal nonsense or rescind severance.
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    @MrJimmy Agreed on all points. However, a vengeful lawyer could find even something very innocuous to use against you.

    Because of this, I absolutely agree with shredding your home directory.
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    @Root Except even doing that can technically be considered destruction of company property. At least here in the US if it happened on a company PC the company owns it until they expressly relinquish control. So you can end up sued anyway.
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    @PhiloticGhost Truth. Sigh.

    Depends on contracts, etc. But yeah.
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