I was designing and building a portfolio page for a photographer. He mostly does black & white portraits with either a white or black background so I had the idea of splitting the page into a light and dark side (Star Wars joke definitely intentional).
I worked waaay too long on a *diagonal* CSS wipe animation when the user switches sides and I was quite proud of it.
Half a year later we realize that basically no one has noticed the switch button. Analytics confirmed it was less than 4% of visitors. 🤦‍♂️

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    Make the button bigggerrrrrrrrrrrr

    I’m a client now
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    Nah, make it move. You know, a slight nudge from time to time coupled with a cookie to stop the effect for a while one its been clicked.
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    @Commodore that's what I did just last week. I made it slightly reveal the bottom layer like a folded corner in a book. The code is now a gigantic mess, but the analytics show it's working.
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