I had to add a "I'm not a robot" checkbox to protect an email address written in a page reachable only from our intranet. Boss asked, I executed.

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    Boss is smart guy/gal.

    Knows keeping up the illusion means better control.
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    Maybe it was pre-IPO and the boss was trying to pretend that the company had lots of robots working there.
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    Maybe he just wasn't aware and could have reevaluated that decision if explained?
    They're just humans who tend to have quite a bit going on
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    Things, things you do for the job to keep, for which you have proved worthy on several ocasions time to time. XD
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    It's for the robots they have in the basement of course. But they'll just ask humans to solve it form them. Algo knows!
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    I don't disagree with it...
    employees can be malicious as well
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