Desks seem to be a thing, currently. This is my desk. There are many like it, but this is mine.

The setup is a little dated, but I love it, and when remote working, I've to use the company laptop anyway.

Intel Xeon 4x3.3GHz
16gb DDR3
geforce gtx 680
3 dell ips displays with display port
And my beloved g15 & g700

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    It's awesome. At least I like it.
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    As this machine gets more gaming than coding it's windows. The Linux box sits next to the TV in the living room.
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    I had to change the video card, as it was constantly freezing with updated Nvidia drivers (I was a proud owner of a GTX 690).
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    Thanks, @oudalally. And they do pivot quite well. Diffing code on 2 vertical 24" 1080p screens right next to each other with slim edge is coding porn!
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    @ndr3w221 regarding linux: I also have good experience with wsl for everithing that's important for a Web dev.
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    Needs more cowbell
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    @rant1ng I've got the creepy feeling of missing something important here...

    There is a missing link. (Not in the 404 kind of way, but more like 206).
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    @Sefie it's a really popular inside joke on the Internet from like, i don't know maybbe 5 years ago

    like rick roll

    "needs more cowbell"

    google it if curiuos

    started from a saturday night live skit,

    which I linked you to

    not sure why link doesn't work.. works for me

    maybe a lot more popular here in Canada/Usa
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    @rant1ng apparently I am to dense to be struck by prank memes😁

    Regarding the missing link: the YouTube link worked fine, but I was missing the explanation above.
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