IT: Hi, how can I help?
User: Hi, I can't get onto the wifi / internet, my computer says "No Signal".

IT: Hm, we don't have wifi, your on a cable, what exactly is saying no signal?
User: Its just on the screen here.

IT: No but where, are you inside a browser, or is it a popup down the bottom corner?
User: No I haven't got that far yet, it just says no signal on a black screen, then it flashes and says no signal in another position.

IT: ...... did you turn on your computer after turning on the monitor ... thats the screen saying no signal from the computer.
User: ah yep, thats it, thanks!

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    You guys need more patience than chinese monks don't you ? 😁
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    @Marnsghol ha thankfully this one wasn't me, was a friend in a previous job.

    I've my own little slice of frustrating hell going on
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    And you didn't end the conversation with.

    Hey prick! How about next time you fucking check to see if the tiny ass shit box that you call your fucking computer, is actually fucking turned on, because if you come back to me and the mother fucking computer doesn't have that little light telling you it's on, I will come down there and see what breaks first the computer or your fucking head.

    You know .... How didn't you say that...

    I might be an angry person 😳
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