Hmm... πŸ€”

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    He's right, I only write features either
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    That's a bold thing to say!
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    I don’t consider tests as existing to test my code, I think about them as existing to protect my code against the future morons who think they’re smart but are too heavy handed and whose favourite phrase is “oh, I didn’t think about that.”
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    Said every manager who thinks they know how programming works
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    Testing is doubting
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    @wrongpasswd Doubting is most important skill any sane developer should have (past junior larvae stage)
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    The same as: "I don't need comments. My code speaks by itself."
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    username checks out
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    I don't need tests: Tests are for people who write bugs. I Ctrl+C Ctrl+V all my code. If it doesn't work, the other guy wrote bugs.
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    If comments explain code, either the code or the comment should be deleted. If comments explain the domain in which the code operates... that's fine because reality is difficult to refactor.
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    The best code is the code not written
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    This is sarcasm, yes?
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    And helmet and seat belt is for people who don't drive carefully
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    Tests should help dictate the code architecture.
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    @cr4sh I have guy who's like that at work.
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