My day in one sentence: I found about 20 ways in which my code doesn't work as expected.

I hate these days, where you spend 80% of the time debugging and always find tiny new bugs.

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    But at least you learn something from the build, usually.
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    Hacking something together is quick and easy. Making shit robust is where the work is.
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    @Fast-Nop yep, our team started out with 2 juniors and now after a year on the project we are really paying our technical debt
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    ... Caused by other people. It's usually never my fault. Someone else's short code that puts in bad dates my app needs to use...
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    The problem wasn't so much that my code didn't worked at all, but the modules were called between so much standard functionalities in our system, and they didn't behave as expected in some cases.
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