The Penguin's den 😅
(that is after cleaning up BTW)

Monitors are a full HD TV and a 12 years old 5:4 for legacy stuff.

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    I have the same soldering iron 😁
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    I also had the same soldiering iron, mine lasted 2 days. The heating filament inside the tip shorted.
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    Love it, Love it, Love it

    Trying to do something similar in my office, but I have so much stuff that I can't clean it up.

    Been buying drawers to place the stuff.
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    Btw, also HAD the same soldering Iron.... now I need a new tip (noob error, used sand papper to clean it, took the protection off, now I need new tips)
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    @2erXre5 I think 90% once had this soldering iron in their life :)
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