Every company should give a day off to employees for their birthdays.. Is it to much I'm asking for???

Well, happy birthday to me πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

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    Happy birthday to you !! And don’t forget to git push.
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    Happy birthday! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰
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    Happy Birthday!
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    My daughter asked to not go to class for her birthday.

    I laughed.

    She went to school.
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    Happy birthday!

    Well, it's not my work place official policy but to quote my boss on my last birthday " what? It's your birthday today? Why are you working and not taking a day off? I would have taken a day off"
    Lesson learned for next year i guess
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    Happy birthday!

    A few companies do, in fact, have that policy. Mine doesn't, but I had an experience similar to the one @hasu had, so I guess I won't be working on my birthdays from now on
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    Happy birthday
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    In germany most companies don't have that police, but holidays are pretty much regulated here. So if a company gives to few holidays, they can get into trouble.

    And most have policies for special holidays, additionally to the other. If you move or someone on your family died or so, you often get some days off additionally.
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    My company actually does this. In practice it's basically just an extra vacation day since there's no requirement to actually take it on your birthday, which makes it even better.
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    @paradonym yep. But the "death" cases are usually regulated shitty. Some have rules like "has to be a direct family member aka. Parents or siblings" sometimes grandparents don't even count.
    Or they give you just one day free which doesn't help us at all since our relatives are 1k kilometers away.

    I missed a few uni exams becauese we moved and my grandma passed away and was hospitalized for 2 months before. For bafög you have to give them a reason why you don't have all your points yet. And apperently the death of my grandma doesn't count. Such shit politics I just can't.

    Got lucky my boss is understanding...
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    The company I work for does this!
    Happy Birthday btw.
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    This is wrong because you are supposed to be the unsung hero that brings sweets and snacks and turns the morning in a 4 hour break. At least that is what happens here in Italy and I'm not complaining.

    If you have any reason to celebrate bring food to the office pls
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