Wrote a cpp semester project where i had to develop school management system.
The code was spaghetti and horrible with frightening OOP implementation but it was beautifully written with comments and 🐫 Casing.
Submitted the program and examiner rejected it while saying that i had copied it from else where and i could never write a beauty code like that .

You dumb 💩! Don't you know other basis to reject a person's hard-work

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    And then he framed it on a wall with his name.
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    Yup, been there. Twice, actually. It's depressing while also being weirdly heartening.
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    Then you showed them your git log.
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    The best thing to say in this situation is : "I can explain each and every feature and how I implemented it. Can someone who copied it from the internet do that?"
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    Said examiner knows nothing but the name of GitHub.
    He doesn't know how it works and he hasn't even got an account
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    @Hu-bot0x58 yes you can understand copied code. But i find you won't find the "why" of an approach. Why the author did what he did.
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    @samsepiol on the other hand, writing code doesn't guarantee you know what you are doing
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