I literally have 27 cents on my bank account and i'm checking every 5 min if i've been paid yet

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    yeah living off pasta and rice for 2 weeks sucks!
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    If you want I can land a hand, that would make it quicker. So, what was your credentials again?😬😬
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    @heyheni don't forget the instant noodles
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    @jelleken Totinos pizza rolls and sandwiches. 🤷
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    i'm currently at -54€ while my account isn't supposed to allow me being under 0, luckily my pay will fall tonight 😥
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    @jelleken ohh instant noodles those are a nasty pleasure, pure salt and I've read they damage your DNA. But fu*slurp* it I love the artificial scent enhancer, Yolo! 🍜
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    @Torbuntu wow :(
    that's depressing, how did you manage that?
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    If only banks worked like devrant

    "Hey guys im broke, can someone ++ me until payday?"
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    Am I the only one that's already stressing out when there's only 300€ left on my account? 🤔
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    ... And I thought I was poor and deserving a higher salary job....
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    @ThatDude that's my rent :/
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    The bank didn’t charge you for not meeting the monthly minimum balance fee?
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    @oscarascal I get nervous when I drop below €3k... I play things on the safe side I guess.
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    @bittersweet wow, that would last me around 5 months with my lifestyle ^^
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    @oscarascal Spending about $300 on coffee per month... So I need a bit of a buffer.

    Also building a new devcave/bunker under my house which costs way too much... because it's under the water level of the river 😫

    Money is way too easy to get rid of.
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    it's mid of the month and it has started again, hello rice, pasta and bitterness 😟
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