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    Because the vast majority of people wouldn't find it funny (because it's not funny) and it's not catchy.
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    @Stuxnet people will need some knowledge about the company and without some context any joke is useless.
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    @py2js 🤷🏻‍♂️ Stereotypical computer based jokes are stupid and extremely cringey in my mind.
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    The domain was taken.
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    localhost was already taken 7 billion times
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    @GarreauArthur No. If you post stupid shit, I'm going to tell you that you posted stupid shit.
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    @Stuxnet what's your problem man? If you don't like jokes/meme section just put a filter. Just move on with your life instead of shitting on people's posts. Need I remind you that you posted some stupid shits also and people are there telling you that. so just move on its internet it's not your real life
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