Was trying to fix my old MacBook Pro (From about 2011, it's served me well, and I ain't letting it die!)

Tried to do an internet recovery, and learned that Mac's do indeed have a BSOD... this is going to be fun to fix.

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    I had a problem with my iMac and I called up apple support (looks like a similar problem) and they got it sorted really fast, so you might want to do that
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    I mean... Windows at least TRIES to give you some information. It may be useless but it's a start.

    This? Good luck, mate! =D
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    @zacg Sadly, they said I'd have to pay for support 0.0 So, I've been trying to do a few things before I just wipe it and reset it.
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    @Byomeer Haha, true. Thanks, gonna need it xD
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    @VenomDev ah ok, rip
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    Good luck fixing that 🙃 Apple and servicing the bloody thing aren't really known go together very well after all.. Think Different! 🤣
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    @snaz I got the backup disks, I was just trying Apples internet recover option and it failed epically /shrug
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