It had been 13 days since I was last approached with a "great idea for an app".

Today, the counter resets to zero!

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    @crapped lies!
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    Hey man. I have an idea for an app. If you can build it I'll give you 50% equity. It can be a billion dollar company in 1 month
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    Do you count these moments inside casual conversations where someone says "oh, that could be an idea for an app..." but without any intention to get it done by you or anyone?
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    Wow. Long run.
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    @Brosyl personally, no. I only count the ones when my involvement is solicited.
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    @duckWit Good. Because even I say that a lot.
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    You clearly talk to too many people
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    Here’s an idea for an app, an app to count the days since no-one pitched you an idea for an app
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    @KuMa million dollar idea.
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