Hello, fellow ranters, I have a question for the web developers here.

I decided I want to explore web development but don't know where to start.

I'm assuming the first step would be to learn HTML, but after that? What should I learn?

Thanks in advance

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    css and javascript? And tha something that generates everything :-)
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    HTML > CSS > JavaScript > Bootstrap CSS Framework > jQuery JavaScript library.
    And after that you'll know what to do.
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    Semantic HTML5, CSS, CSS framework (bootstrap), a CSS development environment (SASS), Javascript, a javascript framework (jquery, react, GSAP for fun), and a server side language which widely depends on your server. I use PHP and C#.NET.
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    If you want to learn frontend: HTML bonus learn jade/haml their are others these are the two I know. Both are great for templeting.
    CSS required SASS/SCSS or less or stylus these allow more advanced CSS and dry out your CSS. Learn a framework like bootstrap
    JavaScript and jquery then learn a framework like angular

    To be backend developer I feel you must at least have knowledge of the front end things I just covered then pick up a language and framework you like and and learn about databases like mySQL
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    @grolofson good recommendations but I would add to that to stick with Sass as it appears bootstrap 4 is going to only be in Sass. I've already changed over from Less as I see that coming.
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    HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
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    You can also learn php/Python if you're interested in dynamic sites or backend development
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    Thank you all for the replies.
    You were all very helpful. @DeveloperACE @donkeyScript @grolofson @ExcellentSP @itch96 @miska
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    My favorite is scss and I didn't known this about bootstrap good to know.
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