Client: Hi. my SEO guy messed up the website. Its kind of .... you know .... gone. You must have the backup. Please restore

Me (after 10 mins): Done


Client: Hi again. I don't see my changes from yesterday. Why?

Me: Because I had 2 months old backup.

Client: Why?

Me: Because that's the last time I worked on your website. And you changed the credentials later on.

Client: But you're a programmer. You must have had a back door to take back ups.


Client: Hello?

Me: It's time to leave earth.

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    "not part of our contact"
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    Are you telling me you didn't put a backdoor in?
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    I had something like this a few months ago after an unknown (angry) dev nuked the customer's hosting. I restored from the only backup they had, a year old sql file and a zip of a fishy cms.

    Client: "You used the wrong image on the homepage. That text is wrong too.".

    O rly?!
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    @eirable how do you put a backdoor, I have once thought of that but didn't put emphasis
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    @SirPally putting in a backdoor will open up space for others to get into your site. I wouldn't do it tho.
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    Yeah I just tell them what's up and keep rolling
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    Quick up sell them, backups could be done daily for $500.00 a month..
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    @grolofson If selling them that was this easy, I would have moved to backup business lol
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