I'll make the documentation after just some lines of code

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    Just one more line of code..
    Oh my, that looks messy..
    Refactoring all done, nice and clean.. Now what was I about to write?..

    What? Which timelord did that to my clock?!...

    But that sounds familiar.
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    Okay just one more build. Okay, just one more build.
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    Later means never.
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    You're missing "Just one more quest" on that list 😄
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    Everything except the page. If I was younger then yes to the page as it would have been pages of nude girls.
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    You got me on the 5 more minutes. I pressed snooze like 5 or 6 times before I got up this morning.
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    Just one more quest, one more mission, just another chapter and this one laaaaast game @Skipp
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    You forgot about
    - pizza: Just one more slice
    - torrent: Just one more minute
    - coding: Just one more method
    - porn: Just one more rip
    - fifa 20xx: Just one more match
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    @enchance you're right there's allot of things you could say I forgot but you got the picture
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    Just one more youtube video
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    just a temporary fix
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    Just one more condition

    If (data
    && data !== null
    && data !== undefined
    && data.length) {
    console.log('I feel safe');
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