spent 7-8 months looking for work (did a few freelance jobs in the mean time), spent what's worth of days on LinkedIn.. no reply at all, talked to recruiters got declined over the phone after 2-3 mins of call time..

Applied to a company branch in my home country nailed the 4+1(code challenge) interviews, will be leaving this Saturday morning (in 2days) now the bloody bastards start to reply and send offers for positions they have, when I clearly have to decline as I don't want to be left empty handed..

fuck you Sam, Jake and the other pricks that decided it is OK to reply after 3-4 months.. go fuck yourselves with a horse's dick you piece of crap.. After you're done, go shoot yourselves with the gun for ugly dumb animals!!! Hate you!

Kind regards, dev-nope!

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    Congrats on getting the job!
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    @Jumpshot44 thank you, it was really refreshing to see that I am still capable of landing a job and being good enough for it.. Depression can really mess you up some times, now just have to shark the imposter syndrome and will own it..
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    I don't get why recruiters reply in that length of time. Can't they just politely tell you something like 'We don't have any open positions at the moment but we'll email you if we'd have an opening or so'. Is that so hard to do? Anyways, congrats on the job bro! New rants on the way after a few weeks of experience. ๐Ÿ˜‚
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