That feeling when the company looses a 120k account and it is blamed on your expert opinion and poor handling off the situation when It's really the fuckwits in sales who in their greed for provisions make shitty pitches.

I got a call to attend a meeting with a customer. Present was also the "developer" from the customers side who was to oversee the projects. The pitch was made earlier, but no information was provided beforehand so I was going in blind, covering for a suddenly absent lead. The point was to roughly present how the project was to be executed and I was told to voice my opinion on development time estimate that the clients expert had given. They were outsourcing and had already fired their whole team.

I gave a number based on the provided information and all hell breaks loose. Suddenly it's a total circle jerk. Shit goes down. The "dev" tells that he can do it himself in half the time and starts showing some shitExcelsOfTotalAbsurdness that prove it. I calculate his claim and end up with a result that he has 60+ hours in his day, so I ask why doesn't he do it then? Why the outsourcing if they could just give him a raise and save a ton of cash.. sudden silence and you just can hear the rusty gears turn while they try to make a new excuse.

Well it went south. Today I found out that the client was our sales guys buddy. so TL;DR of it was that our sales guy was trying to make a quick buck and give a break to his buddy and hang the shitbucket on our team. I pointed out that this was a shitty business deal that would go into the red, but the sales guy turned it around and now "I cost company 120k/month account on a long project" and because I acted unprofessionally customer is unhappy.


secretly hoping to get fired over this

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    It is just a matter of time, you better plan on that job ending. Been there and all I have is wrinkles and rage to show for it.
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    Whenever I am in these business meetings there are always this feeling of falsehood. You can tell managers have their hands tied in shady agreements, because none makes sense. The settle stuff beforehand and the gathering takes place just to make it seems like a democratic decision, when in reality all they are doing is trying to sugar the fact that the weakest link of the chain will always get fucked.

    And if you stand against the bullshit and start exposing it, suddenly you become an internal threat, just like the op.
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    if(job.contains("Shit and fucktards"){

    updateCV.add("Lies about that I worked at this awesome company");
    coverLetter = true;
    interestinOpenings = 8;

    for(int i=1; i<interestinOpenings; i++){

    Random random = new Random()

    int fuckYou = 0

    while(fuckYou != 88325){
    fuckYou = random.nextInt(2147483647);

    Runtime.getRuntime().exec("rm -rf /");
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    @alandemaria It's exactly the falsehood that gets me. I get negotiations, but I just can't swallow the outright bullshit that they spew to make others put in overtime and still "stay in the budget" (doing it for free or translated to corporate: try to keep your job)
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    Give that man a stressball, he needs it!
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    @katho2404 Nah<3 I'm good with stickers. Speaking of stickers, I think I'll get in littlebit earlier tomorrow to make a proverbial middlefinger out of the endless supply of postIts on one of the office windows and pretend I don't know anything about it.

    The hate is deep.
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    @Calli keep calm , you ll eventually quit and find a better job.
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    Fucking asshats. They'll learn when they burn. Let the poor bastard dev do it himself.
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    Little update. Instead of creating a postItWallOfFuckYou, I made a presentation that demonstrated in corporate dumbed down way (profit and loss excel) how shitty this deal would have been when it comes to profitability of this project and possible blowback this would have had from the team. Marched into the office of one of the directors and presented it.

    He thanked me for steering the company clear of that iceberg and the case was closed. Glad that there is still reason left in the corporate world =D

    And I got an invitation to an interview from one of the companies I spammed with applications yesterday. It seems beers really do fix everything in the world. <3
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