People behave so precious and try best to avoid working on other's code.
I'm naive to think that being "developer" entails reading and understanding other's code(a.k.a shit)

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    It is part of the job usually.
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    reading and understanding it? yes.

    changing it without consulting them if they're still around? never! that's rude.

    and calling it shit? not necessarily. one can learn from good and bad code alike.
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    @Jumpshot44 What I've seen is people get attached to their own little areas which is good as it makes them experts. On the other hand, they get less adventurous. In my current situation, I'm the guy getting more and more work which no body else wants to do because they have not worked in that area. Neither have I but I'm the joker of the pack! It's kind of made me jack of all. I guess can't complain because it might be the reason they keep me around still. Just ranting!
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    @arminiae Agreed its rude to change other people's code without asking.It's not polite! I have also noticed, people get possessive when someone else changes their little pieces of paradise! especially if it's for the better.
    As for the shit comment, I didn't mean it literally! I meant in the way that nobody's perfect.
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