Hey all - I made a big update to in app "x replied to a rant you commented on" in app notif to try to fix some bugs/scaling issue.

Please let me know if you notice any weirdness/notif issues. Thanks.

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    thanks for making a great app. its so addictive ...
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    @Paramite yes, we have push notifs and in-app notifs.

    @neumann you're very welcome! Thanks for being a part of the community :)
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    Is it possible to fix those dozens of the separate notifications that appear for every like? OS Android 6
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    @lig1 we have plans to do better push notif and in-app notif aggregation. Right now we offer the ability to mute push notifs on a per-rant basis and the ability to choose what kinds of push notifs you receive.
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    @dfox that is surely great. Thanks!
    PS: Different types don't with with dozens of the notifs of the same type, you know:)
    PPS: Thanks for the like btw;)
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