Every time there's an update for xcode, I claw back some measure of inner peace while waiting for it to download by pre-emptively rating it 1 star on the app store

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    One of the worst IDEs in existence. But im stuck with it because iOS :/ I wish Appcode had a free version.
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    I really don't get why people hate on Xcode. Coming from someone who suffered from years of using Eclipse its like heaven
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    @xroad Its ok most of the time but there have been times when it has crashed at the most random times. Maybe not quite Eclipse bad, but i mean Apple still havent updated it to support refactoring Swift code. wtf
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    @HarambeJS oh yeah. For sure. I've been using swift ever since it came out. You make more money than many countries, you can afford to throw resources at that and try to fix that shit.
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