My computer science teacher is very sly: while you are working he stands right behind you for some time, so you start writing good code, functions for everything, perfect indentation... But you don't know if he is still behind you, and you're not brave enough to look back, so you write good code for the rest of the lesson.
What a good prof

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    Replace "professor" with "boss" and welcome to the workforce
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    @xroad One day I will have a boss and I will be prepared
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    so you work good with constant supervision, don't apply for any remote jobs. but try to become self motivated, it's always better to write good code on your own.
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    @jckimble Of course, its not that when my teacher is not looking I write shitty code, also, I want to tell you, sometimes when I code I imagine that it will be posted on Stackoverflow, and that motivates me very much on writing good code, eheh
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    @altermind yeah that's not much better but if it works for you good, stackoverflow is worse than teachers/bosses cause I swear stackoverflow tries to beat you with your code through their computer. generally speaking it is a good idea to be self motivated cause it opens up the world of remote work, freelance, or getting a few developers together to make a dev firm. I've always had issues with developers that need constant supervision though, if you only work cause someone is standing behind you with a whip you're not in the right business.

    went into a mini-rant, my bad
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    @jckimble Thanks for the tips, I really appreciate that you want to help me. I will try to write good code, no matter who's watching me. ;)
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    @altermind no problem, I'm just trying to get some more true developers in the world where we can outshine the "developers" that pick a cms and install a prebuilt theme. most true developers that I talk to outside of devrant are fixing to retire or are blackhat hackers, we need good developers to take their place when they retire
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    Sounds like your professor is an asshat. Way to inspire students to be self directed.

    Plus has your professor never heard of code style tools like CheckStyle for Java. Most of the stuff s/he is getting on your case about can be reported via a bevy of static analysis tools.
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