Me, doing QA

PM: "stop submitting bug reports about screen size, we're only supporting one resolution for now"

Me: *What do you mean you're only supporting one resolution it's a website and it breaks on screens <1400 px tall*
"okay, what resolution?"

PM: "No one knows"

Me: *dies*

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    This is, sadly, very relatable.
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    That's exactly why you report it, as you have been doing. It's called CYA. The bug comes in and they can determine if it's actionable or not. As a QA engineer it's not your job to determine what is actionable, just what does and doesn't work. If they deem it not actionable, it becomes documented as a non-issue instead of some mysterious unwritten requirement in the application that then turns into finger pointing down the road.

    I don't have a lot of confidence in your PM from what you've described. =/
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