My GF, an iOS QA, went for an interview with a large enterprise and was rejected.

Interviewer: Your current application is hybrid or native?

GF: Native, because it is written in swift using native iOS SDK.

Interviewer: Does it use internet?

GF: Yes.

Interviewer: It is a hybrid application if it uses internet. You know nothing about your projects. You are rejected.

GF: 😯

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    Dodged a Bullet train there lmfao.
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    That hurts
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    If I read things like that, I really doubt the intelligence of mankind 😑
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    Are you a man or a fish?
    A man of course.
    But do you swim?
    An hybrid then 😀
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    The best part is the total confidence they have in themselves
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    @spoiledgoods Exactly. So fucking confident that rejected at that very moment. That too he was a senior guy.
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    Do you wank sometimes?

    Uhm..... Uh... Yeah.......

    Do you fuck sometimes?


    You're a fucking wanker, then!
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    I have got to the point in my life where I would have challenged them. I am sick of incompetent people leading the way.
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    @nblackburn Looking at that guy’s confidence its pretty clear there is no point arguing with him. God help his subordinates.
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    @Ad-J yes but perhaps there is opportunity for improvement, there is nothing to loose for me in trying.
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    Is Arch a Linux distribution?
    Does it use a window manager?
    Eh.. Yeah.. i3..
    It's a hybrid! Arch is Windows!
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    @PuzzlesDev honestly when I read stuff like this it only make me happier to be into programming, they will always need us. Might not be right now but when there shit isn’t working they will coming running....they always come back
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    Nice point of view! Didn’t thought about it that way 😁
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    We need a "Stupid Interviewers" section in DevRant
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    Probably not the people she wanna work for! She should be happy that she came to knoe this so early.
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    @iGer I realky want it too !!! 😈😈😈😈
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    This meme has come in handy so many times on here... This is yet another occasion
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    This is what happens when you put non-technical (or inept) management in charge of hiring technical people.
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    @Bitwise No English is not his first language. But yet in mobile development hybrid application is pretty much understood. He asked if app was native or hybrid which implies he knows the difference and internet is definetly not that difference.
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