I girlfriend frowns when ever I spend so much time with my system coding. she doesn't just get it that my system was my first love before she came into my life.

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    if only i could ++ and comment anonymously, just in case one day my girlfriend happens to stalk my devrant account :D
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    I also thought about that but even if she does see it. mine knows that already so no need hiding it from her. I sometimes get worried if she wouldn't hide my systems from me when we get married.lols
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    i am married, and have a raspberry system resting at home when i go to work. she had every opportunity to burn it to hell for more than a year so i guess we're clear on that :) (i sometimes worry when i fail to ssh, but it's the cat, pulling out the loose ethernet cable)
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    lols, so annoying. why not have a lock so the cat never enters when u are away.

    for me, I have decided to have a home office which will always be locked anytime I am away.

    I think all I need so is learn how to balance both ladies(my system and my gf) make out time for them both and never allow any feel cheated. this might help
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