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    Is the tor network still considered a secure way to use the internet these days?
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    Nothing that beautiful works properly.

    Btw, anyone else has this issue with gifs that the first loop gets corrupted and you only see the non-static parts? I had to wait for the second loop to actually see anything.
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    Looks all Reacty 😊
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    @electrineer Yes. First keyframe was corrupted for me, too.
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    @starrynights89 More secure than the normal internet :)
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    Ogre approved 👌
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    Secure is the wrong word.

    It can help you stay anonymous by hiding your ip but your usage of sites can still leak information and bad scripts can still infect your computer.

    Also, how does tor browser handle cookies, localstorage and such?

    Staying all anonymous requires you to be diligent in how you use the internet.

    And, as has been proven, with enough resources nations like the usa might still be able to locate you :/

    And a few years ago there was a big news about embassies using unencrypted http over tor to read sensitive email, but without encryption any tor node can read everything you read, including passwords.
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    @electrineer works fine for me. Maybe you have a slow connection?
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    Ohey they updated to Quantum
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    @electrineer Yup. Was just going to comment about it 😅
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    @starrynights89 security != privacy, tor is for the 2nd one
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    @JavaPorn @PAKA the network and technology behind the network is still okay for as far as I'm aware. But if the browser contains zero days which are known to malicious parties or if you enable JavaScript etc it might not be as anonymous as you think.

    If the tor browser contains security vulnerabilities, ones anonymity might become fucked to certain degrees.
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    @Paramite if nobody has the source code, it can't be checked for vulnerabilities and thus I'd consider it to be unsafe. I wouldn't trust a proprietary tor browser myself.
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