When you're located in Estonia and they send documentation in spanish not english

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    slightly off topic but what's it like working as a dev in Estonia? I've read lots of really cool things about the tech going on there. what's the main business code language there (dot net/java etc)? or is it a mix?
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    Resuming, someone didn't knew how to manage ISO lang ES (I'm spanish do you need translation? 😆)
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    @ivannieto Luckily we have a spanish-speaker in our team & in worst case scenario theres google translate. Its just the fact of not using international language when your business involves other countries
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    @lemonthinking Its quite mixed here. What I can say about IT landscape is that its really hard to find experienced devs here since majority of those people already have found their deal
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    @kaupo always wanted to work in Estonia or Germany, no luck yet though.
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