Fresh internship story (Part 2)

I just realized how dumb my temporary boss really is and how much he loves to command everyone.
I told him that I am going earlier a few days ago and he got pissed lol.
He is someone who thinks he knows everything, but he does not.
He blames everything on everyone else.
He is never wrong, we are always wrong. That is probably what he is always thinking.
Clients who enter the store are precious (makes sense-you have to handle clients well, to get more bucks), but the thing is that he even screams near the clients at us. Besides of that I am new there. Be a little bit more patient, fucking prick.
Imho he is too old for the tech industry.
He loves to use the workers as slaves.
Do you work on a laptop rn? Well... fuck that. He has a new task waiting for you.
He keeps interrupting me every 5 to 10 minutes while I am focused.
Random dialogue from today:
me:"the client did a win10 upgrade and not a regular windows update"
boss:"nope. that is a windows update."
me (internally): should I show him the folder called "Windows10.Upgrade" and the "windows.old" folder both with the same creation date in "c:"? nah, fuck that. he is gonna put himself up again. do not want to have a stronger headache than this one I am having rn. (btw. I usually do not have headaches. I get headaches like once in 5 years, but since 4 days I have it every day.)
I am sick of this.
Today I had the urge to fucking grab his fucking "fuck me please" eyes out and eat them while he hears the explosive sounds his seperated eyes do. I still want to enjoy the rest of my life without going into a prison tho.

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    To those of you who can not read this rant should fuck off!
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    We have the same boss?? Lol
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    @Biggy if you happen to really live in Düsseldorf, most probably no :)
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- i live near Düsseldorf, but based on your description about your Boss, I can say that we have the same species of fucking around 60 yo arrogant prison guard boss.
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    @Biggy haha even tho I do not think that he is around 60, but more like 45 -50, I definitely agree with you
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    Can't modify the rant anymore, but I would like to add the following:

    You think that hot desking is shitty?
    Get a taste of my situation, honey.
    I am changing my area every few minutes. He sees me working on a previously given task on a pc from the other end of the hall. Comes to me and says that I should stand up and let him sit there, because he has work to do.
    That disrespect is on a whole new level, because he has his own office. How about you just fucking move your slimy ass that way and let me do my shit in peace?
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    Sounds like an environment that you really don't want to be in. Never mind the money, I'd tell a boss like that to go fuck himself and leave.
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    @Condor if it was not a college reequirement, I would have left at the first day. That's such a shithole.
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    @-ANGRY-CLIENT- one more reason to hate college I guess 🙃 anyway, stay strong! And remember that the bastard has one quality at least; just like my WanBLowS here he's a great source of rants!
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    @Condor hahaha yeah and thanks :)
    Thanks for making me have a smile.
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    This feels like you were talking about my work pöace as well :s scary!
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