My Back-End dev suggest me to switch NodeJS to NodeJS+VUEJS&BABEL and told me that I would like it because it's fast even when I do the Front-End....

I regret it...

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    Time to give up boi
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    @devTea My Back-End dev will try to figure out this messy thing because it slow my workflow so much. Wish he get it rapidly. I need to work !
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    Is that when starting the dev server? I am running a fairly large vue project and the rebuild process is much faster. When I make changes it’s half a second before it re-complied.
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    Use ts-node :D so quick
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    Well I can answer this “issue” for you as a backend dev.

    The longer you need to compile, the more coffee you can get
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    @krazy-dev He figured out why it took so much time and when we just remove all the i18n text it work. So he need to find why it do that.
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